Sell Your Used Car In Covina

Are you looking at selling your used car, truck or SUV? If so then you should know that has been helping Covina residents clear off their driveways for over 30 years. We focus on making the process of getting rid of your old car as quick and simple as can be. With one phone call to set up an appointment, we will have a representative come to your location and appraise your vehicle completely free of charge.

We follow the city’s slogan of “One Mile Square and All There” as we will come to you and take care of everything. We pay on the spot, tow for free and we’ll take care of any paperwork needed to transfer your vehicle title. You only have to make one phone call to let us know when to come by.

Whether your car is still in great shape but you no longer want it or it has been in an accident and no longer runs, we will still come out and give you our best offer, with no strings attached. In most cases we can even buy vehicles that are not fully paid off yet or vehicles that have expired registration and unpaid tickets.

We will jump through hoops to make everything work out in the end. Contact us today to find out what we can pay: (626) 765-4670.

Contact us at: (626) 765 4670