Sell Your Used Car In Livermore

Are you starting to think that your used car, truck or SUV has been around since Livermore’s own local farmer, Robert Livermore, settled in the area in 1840? If that is the case then it may be time to sell your car. We here at specialize in taking the hassle out of selling a used car in a quick and easy fashion.

Getting rid of an old car can be tricky and time consuming but there is no need to get caught up in that. With one phone call you can set up an appointment to have one of our Livermore professional vehicle appraisers come to your location and tell you exactly what we can offer. There is no obligation or cost involved and if you decide to take our offer then we will buy your vehicle on the spot.

Our representative also comes equipped with everything needed to purchase your car and take care of any needed paperwork. We will also have a tow truck come get your car within 24 to 48 hours, free of charge.

We will buy just about any vehicle, new or old, running or junk. All you have to do is let us know when to come by. Contact us today: (925) 318-1431.

Contact us at: (925) 318-1431