Redwood City

Sell Your Used Car In Redwood City

Redwood City may have great weather as the slogan that’s emblazoned on arches across Broadway goes, “Climate Best By Government Test.” But, it just so happens that Redwood City is also a great place to sell your used car thanks to, which has been servicing the area for over 30 years now.

If you have an old car, truck or SUV sitting in your driveway that you would like to get rid of, then we are here to help. Even if you have a newer car that you’d like to upgrade, we are still interested. Selling a used car on your own can be a time consuming process. However we make it a point to save you time and hassle by coming to you.

Once you set up an appointment we will have one of our Redwood City representatives come out and look at your car to tell you exactly what we can offer. There is no obligation or cost for the inspection but if you decide to take our offer then we will pay you on the spot and have a tow truck come get your vehicle within 24 to 48 hours.

It really is as easy as that. All you have to do is let us know when you want us to come by. We buy cars in just about any condition from running perfectly to completely wrecked. If you still owe money on your vehicle or if the registration has expired, we are still interested. Contact us today: (650) 931-6050.

Contact us at: (650) 931-6050