Sell Your Used Car In Tustin

Tustin may have one of the shortest commutes in southern California but that’s still no reason to hold on to an old car, truck or SUV that has lost its luster in your eyes. If you are tired of looking at the vehicle in your garage or taking up space on the driveway then we can help change the scenery.

Whether your car is destine for the scrap heap or you are just in the mood for an upgrade to a newer model, we can take the hassle and wasted time out of selling your used car. We will take care of everything involved, from appraising your vehicle to handling the paperwork and towing your car way.

All that we ask of you is to contact us to set up an appointment. There is no obligation in having us come out BUT if you like our offer we will have you paid on the spot and all logistics taken care of in the same time you would usually spend having lunch. We know your time is valuable so we strive to use as little of it as possible.

We have been buying cars in Tustin and across the US for over 30 years and are known as the friendliest car buyers in the business. Let us show you how we work. Contact us today: (714) 907-4891.

Contact us at: (714) 907-4891