Walnut Creek

Sell Your Used Car In Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek may have many ways to get around other than driving your car, such as riding your bike down the Iron Horse Trail or utilizing the Bay Area Rapid Transit, but that’s no reason to abandon the car in your garage. How about cleaning out the garage and being paid in the process?

SellUsedCar.net has been buying cars, trucks, SUVs and Vans in Walnut Creek since before the Raiders returned to Oakland. If you want to sell your used car then we can make it a quick and easy process. We take care of all the hassle so you don’t have to. We will come to your location and appraise your vehicle so that we can tell you exactly what we are able to offer.

There is no obligation in having us come out. This is just one of the many ways we try to earn your business. So if you would like to clear out the garage and make some extra cash while doing so then you should let us know.

We pay on the spot. Contact us today: (925) 318-1431.

Contact us at: (925) 318-1431