Sell Your Used Car In Colton

Colton may be home to the “Colton Crossing”, one of the busiest railroad crossings in the US since 1882, but it is also a place where selling a used car is a quick and easy process thanks to We haven’t been around quite as long as this historic line of railroad crossing where the Southern Transcontinental Route crossed the Union Pacific’s “Sunset Route,” although we have been buying cars for other 30 years now.

If you are looking at selling your used car to make room in the driveway or to have some extra cash then we can help. One thing we specialize in is keeping things simple for our customers and we accomplish this by taking care of just about everything. Once you call us to set up an appointment we will send a team member out to your location in Colton to appraise your vehicle and tell you exactly how much we can offer.

As long as you are happy with what you hear then we will pay you on the spot and take care of any paperwork needed to transfer the vehicle title etc. We’ll also take care of towing your car way. That saves you from having to pay a visit to the DMV or drop your car off at one of our locations.

Despite what condition your car is in we still want to take a look and give you as much as we can for it. As a nationwide car buyer, we buy hundreds of cars a week. So whether your car is in great shape or a completely different shape then the day you bought it, we are interested. Contact us today to sell your used car: (909) 452-2911.

Contact us at: (909) 452 2911