El Monte

Sell Your Used Car In El Monte

Has your used car, truck or SUV come to the end of its time on the open road? Though you live in a city nicknamed “The end of the Santa Fe Trail,” there are still endless possibilities of roads to travel once you upgrade your vehicle. SellUsedCar.net has been buying used cars in El Monte since before your local Longo Toyota was the largest car dealership in the world.

We like to keep the saying “Welcome to friendly El Monte” alive and well with each customer we service by continuing to be known as one of the friendliest car buyers in our business. We also make selling a car a very simple process. So if you are looking at upgrading to a newer vehicle, then we can help give you some extra cash while taking your old vehicle off your hands.

We will come to your home or office or wherever the vehicle is located to offer a free appraisal. Within minutes we will be able to tell you exactly what we can offer. We will pay on the spot and handle any needed paperwork right then and there. We will also tow your vehicle away for no extra cost. All you have to do is call us to set up the appointment.

The cars we buy come in every size and shape and are in just about every condition you could imagine. If you have lost the title or still owe money on your vehicle, we can work around that in most cases as well. Contact us today to find out what we can pay: (626) 765-4670.

Contact us at: (626) 765-4670