Sell Your Used Car In Folsom

Has your garage become a Folsom Prison for your old car, truck or SUV? Before you make your car serve 25 to life you should know there is another option. has been buying used cars in Folsom and across the US since Johnny Cash recorded his live version of “Folsom Prison Blues” on location…Okay maybe not that long but for at least the last 3 “dimes,” as they call it in the slammer.

We make selling a car a pleasant process without any runaround or added time. We will come to you and appraise your vehicle so that you will know exactly what we can pay. Once you sign on the dotted line we will also take care of any needed paperwork to transfer your title and we’ll tow your old car away, free of charge.

Whether your car has served it’s time or looks brand new, we will come to you and give our best offer for it. If you have let the registration expire or you still owe money on your vehicle, we can usually work our magic to let your car “out on good behavior.”

All you have to do is set up an appointment and we will take care of everything else. Call us today: (916) 880-2120.

Contact us at: (916) 880-2120