Sell Your Used Car In Santee

Have you found yourself taking advantage of Santee’s great mountain biking trails and leaving the old car in your driveway neglected? If so then it may be time to sell that old car. We here at are experts in helping others clear off their driveways or empty their garages. We buy hundreds of cars a week nationwide and are happy to help you turn your used car into something useful, like cash in your pocket.

We also make the process of selling a used car, truck or SUV very simple. We do this by coming to you. We will appraise your vehicle and give you our best offer within minutes. The best part is there is no charge or obligation in having us come out. We are just doing all we can to earn your business.

Whether your cars is running fine or a pile of junk, we will still come out and give you as much as we can to take it away. We pay on the spot and handling any paperwork. We’ll even tow you vehicle away for no extra cost. If you have lost the title or owe money on your vehicle we can usually still make a deal.

Contact us today and we’ll be on our way: (619) 436-5950.

Contact us at: (619) 436-5950