Washington DC

Sell Your Used Car In Washington D.C.

Are you trying to sell your used car and looking for a quick and efficient way to do so? You have come to the right place. SellUsedCar.net covers all of Washington D.C. and has been buying cars for over 30 years. We know time is money and it can sometimes be a hassle to go through all the motions to sell a car yourself, especially when most people in town are opting to take the Slug Line instead of dealing with traffic.

Why bother with posting an ad to sell your car and having to deal with low-ballers and strangers coming to your house or place of business to test-drive your car? There is a much easier way to make some extra room in the garage or to clear off the drive way. We have representatives in the D.C. area that will come to you when the time is best. Our friendly reps come equipped with any needed forms to ensure the paperwork is handled correctly so it will never come back to haunt you.

Whether your car is sitting out in front of the Smithsonian, broke down in Georgetown or outside the beltway we will come to you and pay you on the spot. We know things in this town can change drastically every 4 years whether you are on The Hill or not, so we just roll with it. If you are looking to change up your vehicle or just want some cash to partake in the famous D.C. "Half-smokes," then we understand completely.Contact us today for free quote.

Contact us at: (202) 888-2119